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Our Motivations Will Catch Your Eye

In the twenty-first century, WHO - World Health Organisation estimates a projected shortfall of 10 million health workers by 2030, primarily in low- and lower-middle income countries, and 7 in 10 health and care workers are Women. NCDs - Noncommunicable Diseases are recognise as a major global challenge in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

NCDs, including Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Diabetes and Chronic Lung Diseases, are collectively responsible for 74% of all deaths worldwide. More than three-quarters of all NCD deaths, and 86% of the 17 million people who died before reaching 70 years of age, occur in Low- and middle-income countries.

NCDs share 4 four major factors: Tobacco use, Physical inactivity, the Harmful use of Alcohol and Unhealthy diets.

Research has shown that Citizen-driven Digital Healthcare solutions can achieve significant cost savings and faster convalescence. It is in light of this, SmartCare has derived several AI-lead High Volume Data and clinical process solutions to help reduce operational costs and make Digital Healthcare a reality. We use cutting-edge Data Analytics, Medical Imaging, Robotic, Blockchain and Clinical Electronic Technologies and Citizens-centric design in our consultancy services so that our solutions are always tailored towards your citizens need.

Our Values

MISSION: Almazina’s mission is to provide you a Citizen-centric SelfCare Digital Healthcare solution, aim to prevent and control of NCDs, Mental Health Crisis, including Cognitive Disorder, and increases accessibility of the clinicians to provide proper care to the Citizens, which allow citizens mobility and a better Quality of Care. We work with your healthcare professional and your citizens to build the capability that enable healthcare organisations to achieve sustainable advantage.

VISION: Our vision is to provide exceptional and innovative Digital Healthcare Services to all citizens and put them at the heart of our decisions. Delivering Real-Time service to your citizens through our AI- and Robotic-driven solutions. Our market leading platform provides a single connection point for Clinical Healthcare around the world.


What Almazina Ltd offers


End-to-End solution including out-patient vital signs, activity monitoring, no geographic barriers..

Medical Analytics

Analyse and classify structured, unstructured, medical images, medical video, medical devices documents.


Secure Clinicians Decision Support, enhance the usability of the Telemedicine solution..

Artificial Intelligent (AI)

Identify anomalous patterns diseases, Simplifies Complex Analysis in Real-Time..


Automatically collect a large amount of patient Vital Signs, Activity Monitoring 24/7, data storage in the Cloud..

Data Security

An End-to-End Secured and Reliable Backbone, ISO-27001, PCI Cloud Security, Data Privacy, AICPA/SOC, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance..


Pateints can make payments at a variety of convenient locations without having to visit the Clinic Office..


Medical greade devices, CE mark and ISO 9000/13485 certification..


Our support that goes beyond problem response to problem prevention...


Why Almazin Ltd?

Alamzina Ltd was founded to bring innovative Healthcare and Life Science solutions to the Sub-Sahara Africa market. Almazina has a strategic focus on Health, Mental Health, Sustainability, and Life Science ecosystem. We provide insights and AI-, Robotic-, and Blockchain-driven innovative digital healthcare solutions to our healthcare professional allowing them to take smarter decisions, prevent chronic diseases, and enabling them to boost critical performance metrics in their hospital activities and their citizens wellbeing.

Almazina is also partnering with healthcare organisations in Africa, Europe and the UK, because Sub-Saharan Africa countries are facing a greatest healthcare challenges. Today, reproduces are mainly spend to fighting HVI, Malaria and other Infectious diseases. Unfortunately, NCDs - Chronic diseases has become the major killers. It is also developing a range of large-scale digital education, prevention and Business-lead innovative technology to tackle Chronic and Infectious diseases and to empower our citizens and healthcare professionals in the Sub-Saharan.

Our SmartCare solutions can help addressing a lot of these shortfalls, making your care service more efficient, cost-effective, reliable and helping improve the quality of life of the citizens. Almazina proposes that with a combination of advance clinical Self-driven care combine with Data Analytics, Robotic and Blockchain techniques, we can alleviate the stress in the your hospitals or clinics by empowering your healthcare professionals and monitoring citizens and patients condition in Real-Time. Utilise advances in Self-driven Care to engage with Fast-Moving-Society and digital communities to become more citizen-centric.

Digital Healthcare

Greatest Challenges in Sub-Sahara Africa!

We understand that it is important the additional technology does not add burden to the existing administrative effort. Our collaboration will start with a consultancy service where we will understand your operational and clinical needs, before providing an all-in-one solution to be integrated to your existing practice and systems that seamlessly take care of information passing from the patients to the clinicians and other personnel in the process chain. We will ensure the data is secured all the way, whether you choose to have your own cloud/local service or use our cloud-based solutions.

To every clinical problem, SmartCare would seek the most appropriated, cutting-edge clinically proven technologies and derive a user-friendly end-to-end solution. Our consultancy service integrates the new and existing system and makes the transition experience seamless and effortless to the users. Our SmartCare platforms can provide a business solution addressing your unique requirements and challenges. An integrated and automated, AI-based solution can ease administrative effort and human errors, improve communications and data flow between clinics, laboratory, HL7 FHIR, payments, insurances, clinicians and patients; allow your clinic to focus on improving patient cares. Our client-front interfaces include Medical Devices, Tablets, Web, PDAs, Smart Phones, and Robots, that the system can be wired or wireless accessible at the clinics and at home. We design our system with the users as our priority.

System-wise Security and Privacy Security and privacy is a critical issue when it comes to patient communication and healthcare records. We understand the importance of security and privacy and will endeavour to make sure that the whole system is protected from attacks end to end in our design by risk assessing individual project. We have expertise in developing security solutions from personal identification, fruad, data healthcare and application processing via encryption, key exchange, etc during communication, to protecting data on the wirelessly connected medical device with integrated circuits for handling and storing secured healthcare data to offer you the ultimate protection against any tampering and attacks in the system.

Fast Moving Society

UJUZI is a Digital Healthcare Education for Women, Children and Adolescents. UJUZI is a content creation and Education, Community Engagement Digital Platform.

Women and children are dying due to preventable causes; education cloud have save them, if only we could reach them. 1 in 12 children in Sub-Saharan Africa die before their 5th birthday. Humanitarian organisation spend large amounts of money in silos creating and distributing educcational materials the same way they've done for decades: Does not scale, Difficult to localise, and Engagement is difficult to measure.

This solution allow influencers to help create and distribute healthcare educational materials to women, children and adolescents.

  • Reach target audience through channels they’re already engaged in.
  • Creators understand their audience better, can localise and deliver the message with more impact.
  • Easily scalable and Real-Time.
  • Vastyl improve Analytics.

SelfCare Mental Health

Our SelfCare platform is a NHS-Digital driven Mental Wellbeing solutions.

This innovative digital SelfCare solution would help refugees and ethnic minorities get support in early stage of their mental health and wellbeing crisis. The risk factors among refugees and ethnic minorities are found to be: language barrier, lack of information on the health care system, loss of status and loss of social network. According to the WHO, people fleeing war and persecution are at heightened risk of psychological stress, while mental health and psychosocial support is increasingly getting attention in humanitarian agencies, the issue of suicide has gotten significantly less consideration.

Mental health problems cost the UK economy at least £117.9 billion annually, and the cost of mental health problems is equivalent to around 5 per cent of the UK’s GDP.

This ecosystem give the opportunity to engage in helping follow community members may be both unifying and beneficial for those engaging in coordinated community helping. We suggest that such a process can be utilised as base for interventions that approach refugees of war as a digital community rather than individual level.

  • Find a local NHS urgent mental health helpline in the UK using your postcode.
  • 24-hour advice and support for you, your child, your parent or someone you care for.
  • Help to mitigate the negative effect of exile stressors on refugees health.
  • Not being able to find help on mental health and wellbeing.

EIM - Emotional Intelligence Mapping

Our EIM provides a visual display of an individual’s current level of Emotional (like Happiness, Stress).

Psychometric is a fantastic tool to give insights. However, it is important to recognise that this in no way defines who you are. The report is based on the questions that you answered at that particular time. The power comes when this snapshot package is used alongside the comprehensive report.

This psychometric is a tool to support leaders make better decisions and become more effective in their decision making and collaboration to develop more efficient teams.

The foundation of our Emotional Intelligence comes down to our abilities to make accurate calculations within this time frame of just under six seconds. The main benefits of our EIM:

  • To accurately and consistently qualify your Feelings and those of others.
  • To understand the cause of your Emotional Triggers and minimise.
  • Practiciting daily will lead to becoming more Proactive and Intentional, rather than Impulsive and Reactionary.
  • Take control of your Emotions and choose your Mood with your Purpose at the forefront
  • It is user-centric and the EIM line highlights the selected emotion.

  • My Vital Senses

    Our solution will do the same thing but with smaller, lighter technology that's developed primarily for collecting data and pairing it with a secure purpose-built interface designed for healthcare professional. The wearable technology will come in the form of super light patches (like biopatch, ECG, Blood Glucose) that can be worn in a shower and are also cheap to manufacture. We already know that we need to replicate the patient monitoring facilities available Anywhere and Any-Time.

    • Patient check their own health status what they want, when they want
    • Real-Time information fully automated Self-Care Services
    • Self-Management without going to Hospital or Clinicians
    • Truly simplifies the lives of both clinican and citizens
    • Emergency clinicians are better able to balance risk, make key decisions and determent the order of treatment of patients

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    You are welcome to join us to provide IT solutions that lower the total cost of ownership for customers. Almazina Ltd is making it easier than ever for customers to purchase IT solutions through bundled offers and distribution agreements with our partners. We also continue to work closely with our partners to maximize the performance of Almazina IT solutions on proven platforms.

    A distinct set of our partners have coverage expertise in multiple countries (e.g., the UK, Denmark, Africa, Middle East), support customers with international operations, and are ideal providers for customers looking to expand into new markets. These partners also meet the competency, training, investment, broad Almazina product adoption, and resource requirements that our product development, industry boards, and sales teams require to nominate them as partners of global presence.

    We are always looking for quality new partnership that can fully support the industry leading Almazina IT solutions product and services. This is your opportunity to become involved in the incredibly fast moving and exciting industry of fleet IT solutions and services, with a product that genuinely helps improve the way businesses are running.

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